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Descripción de la Convocatoria: 


Under the direct supervision of the head of Office and in cooperation with RO, the Project Coordinator, at the IOM office in Asunción, will be responsible for:

Core Functions / Responsibilities: 

1. Coordinates the execution of active projects of the IOM Office in Paraguay.

2.  Execute activities related to the technical assistance necessary for the implementation of projects in the country.

3. Supports the Head of Office in communication with local organizations and the donor, as well as other actors related to active Mission projects.

4. Monitors the activities of the projects of the Office of Paraguay for the follow-up and fulfilment of the activities foreseen in the active projects of the Mission.

5. Informs the Head of Office about any communication that arises as a result of the implementation / modification of the activities of active projects of the Mission.

6. Keeps track of compliance with the technical and financial reports that must be submitted to the donor for the effective accountability of active Mission projects.

7. Implement the monitoring (in situ and / or in the field according to the indicated plan) in line with the budget established in the project.

8. Loading and analysis of the data collected with the monitoring tools prepared previously.

9. Upload to PRIMA the progress and achievement of each indicator established in the results matrix.

10. Complete the results monitoring framework according to the planned frequency (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly).

11. Prepare reports for each monitoring carried out according to the established frequency.

12. Supports the Head of Office in the process of compliance with the regulations of the Organization, Rules, Policies, and Procedures in the execution of the active projects of the Mission.

13. Controlling the budgetary execution of the projects of the Paraguay office.

14. Coordinates the preparation of the partial and final project reports of the Mission.

15. Supports the preparation of project proposals to donors in coordination with the various themes of the IOM Paraguay office.

16. Participates in meetings related to the Mission activities when the Head of Office so indicates.

17. Perform other tasks related to the Mission at the request of the Head of Office of Paraguay.


Deadline for applications: February 29th 2020. 

Fecha de Cierre: 
Saturday, February 29, 2020
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