Nombre de la Convocatoria: 
National Head of Resources Management
Vacante IOM Paraguay - National Head of RM
Descripción de la Convocatoria: 


Under the direct supervision of the Head of Mission (COM) and the general supervision of the Regional Director for South America, and in close coordination with the Regional Resource Management Officer (RRMO) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Human Resources Management units ( HRM) at Headquarters (HQ), Manila Administrative Center (MAC) and Panama Administrative Center (PAC), will be responsible for managing the budgetary, financial, human resources and administrative functions of IOM Paraguay Activities.

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

1. Assist in monitoring and overseeing the financial and human resources management of the CO, including the oversight of financial expenditure, accountability and undertake financial analysis of projects and programmes in the CO.

2. Prepare donor financial reports in accordance with IOM regulations and established procedures in close coordination with the relevant units in Headquarters (HQs), Panama Administrative Centre (PAC) and Regional Office in Argentina.

3. Prepare annual budget for the CO, monitor budget control and analyse variances between budget and actual expenditures and outstanding commitments, and assist in the preparation of budgets for new programmes.

4. Coordinate the CO’s funding request and ensure effective control of funds disbursed; ensure funding is received in accordance with donor agreements and disbursements to beneficiary counterparts are based on agreed budgets, work plans and other monitoring tools.

5. Coordinate the preparation of payroll; Inspect payroll versus budgets, ensuring that salaries are correctly allocated to projects in a manner consistent with IOM's projectization criteria.

6. Coordinate the CO's HR and administrative functions, including recruitment, retention, promotion, separation of staff, and other related activities, in accordance with the Organization's policies and procedures.

7. Supervise staff of Resources Management Unit, and provide training for national staff in the areas of finance, administration, HR and Procurement rules and procedures.

8. Coordinate the procurement and logistical services, including contracts with suppliers of goods and services and related administrative authorities. Ensure proper management of the CO’s assets, as well as the functioning of support services (common services).

9. Maintain liaison with other internal functional units of the CO, as well as banks, donors, government counterparts and other stakeholders with a view of ensuring a smooth

implementation of IOM operations at resources management level.

10. Liaise with relevant units at HQs, relevant Administrative Centres, RO Argentina as well as relevant external counterparts regarding the financial and administrative activities of CO and report regularly on the financial situation of the CO and provide other information as necessary.

11. In line with IOM’s Financial Management Rules and Policies, suggest improvements to procedures with a view to strengthening internal controls to safeguard the Organization’s assets and prevent fraud and mismanagement.

12. Undertake quality control checks on the monthly accounts, ensure that Vendor/customer (debtor/creditor) accounts are cleared in a timely manner and review all other financial matters with banks and suppliers.

13. Support the Chief of Mission to monitor the implementation of programme activities in a manner consistent with donor agreements - both from an operational and budgetary

perspective, and from an IOM perspective with respect to IOM administrative and procurement rules applicable during project implementation.

14. Oversee the attendance records of staff members and closely monitor the leave balances of staff to ensure that these balances remain within reasonable limits.

15. Apply internal HR policies, rules and regulations and make recommendations for resolving difficult or sensitive cases, in coordination with the Head of Office. Ensure staffs comply with the IOM Standard of Conducts and ensure the appropriate follow-up on the implementation of IOM Rules and Regulations.

16. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

For more information on required qualifications and experience, please see the attached Terms of Reference. 

Deadline for applicants: January 28th, 2020. 

Fecha de Cierre: 
Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Vacante IOM Paraguay- National Head of RM
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